My Inspiration

As an artist, my work has always been derived from inspiration of science and nature. I feel inspired when looking at the microscopical forms and observing the changes that take place over the course of creation, division, growth and death. These entities also exhibit immense beauty through their organic forms, structures, textures and colors. With the development of science and technology, we have access to the inside world of these organisms; the ‘loupe’ serves as an important device to view and study this subject matter, helping us build upon our own imagination and creativity. Through my work, I aim to capture elements of these biomorphic forms through the process of investigating various non-traditional materials and transforming them into precious wearable objects.


My Work

My work explores beauty, translucency and nature through materials such silicone and plastics, the key motif elements. The first encounter with my piece is visual and the second is tactile. It enables me to realize my interest in decay and regeneration of life.


Silicone Work

Silicone as a material has vast potential and has offered me freedom to move away from the traditional materials of making jewelry. These translucent three-dimensional silicone forms encase vibrantly colored tactile bodies inside them, creating an illusion of growth of an unpredictable organism. These forms give a sense of imitation of life as if it is grabbing or consuming part of the host. The tentacles and string-like forms add movement to the piece, creating a dialogue between the wearer and the audience by making the pieces both beautiful and repulsive at the same time.


Jewelry Elements

I am interested in the material properties and aspects of adornment such as wearability and body responsiveness. The unconventional use of materials thoughtfully blends with my idea of work, suggesting that subtlety is taking a backseat to vibrancy and visual potency.