Title: ‘Reinventing the idea of Beauty’

Nature exhibits immense beauty through its organic forms, structures, materials, textures and colors. These organic entities are perceived as the symbols of beauty, physical perception and qualities that exalt pleasure to mind and spirit. For instance, a flower is symmetrical beauty and is traditionally used as an inspiration for the jewelry artist. What lies beneath an outer form is the asymmetrical internal structure that exists in the form of nature’s body. My focus is to reveal the intangible inner beauty exhibited by nature and challenge the notion of creating wearable jewelry and sculptural objects with these forms.

I use materials such as honeycomb structures, loofah, seed, dried leaves, shells and a variety of other organic materials. These materials have unique characteristic textures, patterns, colors and forms that I explore through contemporary jewelry design. I am fascinated with unconventional ephemeral beauty and unusual qualities that exist in materials and wish to preserve their originality. However, I also bio-mimic their forms through techniques such as lost wax casting, resin casting, chasing and etching to achieve the desired results.  I use traditional materials such as copper, silver, bronze, brass and gemstones along with silver and gold foil to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the piece.