As an artist, my work has always been derived from inspiration of science and nature. I feel inspired when looking at the microscopical forms and observing the changes that take place over the course of creation, division, growth and death. These entities also exhibit immense beauty through their organic forms, structures, textures and colors. With the development of science and technology, we have access to the inside world of these organisms; the ‘loupe’ serves as an important device to view and study this subject matter, helping us build upon our own imagination and creativity. Through my work, I aim to capture elements of these biomorphic forms through the process of investigating various non-traditional materials and transforming them into precious wearable objects.

Some of my pieces are electroformed while some have a tactile and translucent quality achieved through use of silicone and polyurethane rubber. Electroforming allowed me to capture and retain their original form and structure. It gave me freedom and spontaneity in manipulating structures and developing a new form. Sometimes the duration of pieces sitting in the acid bath would affect the accumulation of the metal onto the piece which amazed me with the new appealing visuals and forms which resonated with what I am attempting to do in my own pursuits.